Our offer: services

Reliable quality work provided with professionalism


Our experience of over 25 years clearly demonstrates the trust our clients place in us and proves the quality and excellence of results we will deliver.


This vital sector of the construction industry is one of our major areas of expertise.


We merge the advantages of rehabilitation with sustainability values to ensure environmental and financial protection.

Interiors Refurbishment

We provide a full range of interiors refurbishment for commercial spaces, apartments, private houses and more.

Exterior Painting

Our process is comprised of several pre-painting stages that will maximise the durability of the final painting job.

Roof work

We offer a variety of roof work services to optimise interior comfort, structural resistance and energy efficiency.



Initial meetings will be dedicated to outline the project, objectives and its most relevant aspects to ensure we are on the same page before entering the development stage.



The second phase is the materialisation of the final ideas in a concise sketch that will become the guide to implement the project itself.



After the successful completion of the previous stages it's time to go from paper to reality and start working on the field. It's time to build!


Turn-key project

The relationship with our clients usually ends the moment we turn over the key, however, we will always be available in the future if the client so desires.