Ecological and financial sustainability should be one of the main concerns of the construction industry due to all of its advantages. At Portela & Rodrigues we believe this is the right path and make it our mission to providing our clients with better solutions of improving building aesthetically, ecologically/environmentally and financially to increasingly raise comfort and efficiency levels.
Our joint ventures, executed alongside professionals and companies specialised in each and every area of the construction industry, are developed using win/win strategies that unite efforts to provide all the necessary services to the final client and make it easier to smoothly materialise a project, turn a house into a home more and more sustainable, comfortable and cost-effective over the medium term.
At Portela & Rodrigues we merge the excellence of building rehabilitation with the advantages of sustainability to ensure environmental and financial protection of your investment. Our RehabilitationDIRECT is a turn-key service, an alternative to traditional rehabilitation options.