Our history

Born in São Bartolomeu do Rêgo (Celorico de Basto, Portugal), in 1990, from a joint effort of António Camelo Portela e Alcinda Curval Rodrigues, Portela & Rodrigues has already reached the respectable mark of 25 years. Over our history we have never stopped evolving and pursuing more endeavours within the construction industry (namely the major sectors: buildings, infrastructure and industrial) while maintaining its identity and core values, one of the reasons behind its clients' trust us.
We take advantage of our industry's challenges to grow as a business by learning how to face them and keep evolving in a sustainable way that simultaneously strengthens our market position. Stability is a vital factor nowadays and we owe it to our core values of quality, professionalism and trust, unattainable values if it were not for the cooperation of all our direct and indirect partners.
Our incessant search of new practices and methods to better serve our clients' needs has led our continuous expansion and crucial investments such as the acquisition of specialised gear and the construction of our headquarters specifically built to provide solutions for projects of any scope. Still, the pillars of Portela & Rodrigues are its collaborators and management team. These are the true assets supporting our success of 25 years in the construction industry.

Our Mission

Learning from the past and present we reach the understanding of the future, evolving at society's pace in general and the construction industry in particular. This dynamic approach allows us to face every possible challenge, no matter its origin or size.
Over the course of more than 25 years we have accumulated experience and established ourselves as a solid company with whom to work during any stage of a project. We understand the whole process and therefore we seek the best way to keep a strong communication line with each piece of the construction puzzle: collaborators, suppliers, clients and all those involved in process.
Portela & Rodrigues is an example of stability. Our serious and rigorous posture made us who we are today, was essential to help us establish our position in the market and (partially) explains why our company is synonymous with quality, professionalism and trust.

Our Vision

Construction as an ally of society and the planet is the correct way of exist in today's construction industry. This is the belief behind the paradigm we follow: sustainability of all that surrounds us to ensure its protection and minimise the environmental impact on future generations.
We have tried to implement advantageous methods at every stage of the construction process since the inception of our company including primarily using efficient materials and machinery and, more recently, applying sustainability methods at a deeper level.

Our values

Portela & Rodrigues is a company with over 25 years of experience in the construction industry and a reassuring tradition of development based on strong core values: quality, professionalism and trust, three vital pillars to become a serious business partner.
We are committed to our legal, fiscal and social responsibilities, therefore we seek those ideals in our partners and collaborators while integrally fulfilling our clients' needs by providing a quality service.

What is said about us

The veredict of our clients


Over the course of our history we have developed mutually beneficial partnerships with other players of the construction industry to improve our services and achieve excellent results by joining forces with our solid and dynamic network of partners.
We ensure professional interventions by working with qualified and experienced human resources as well as advanced technical resources throughout the whole process, from idea to creation, always keeping the client promptly informed.
Trust and reliability are crucial principles for any relationship but take on special meaning in the business world. That is why we have them as core values. Respect them is mutually beneficial, best for the client and vital to us.
Portela & Rodrigues, Lda. is a Portuguese construction company legally qualified to provide a wide range of services within the scope of the construction industry as per its certification (IMPIC: Building Permit 46006-PUB, 1st Category – Class 4 and AICCOPN Member Nº 4948).

Our specialities

Our experience of over 25 years clearly demonstrates the trust our clients place in us and proves the quality and excellence of results we will deliver.

This vital sector of the construction industry is one of our major areas of expertise.

We merge the advantages of rehabilitation with sustainability values to ensure environmental and financial protection.